Saturday, July 30, 2011

Critics of the So. Central Los Angeles Tea Party (Race Baiting / Racism / NAACP)

Below is the perfect example of what is wrong with Black Americans under the Progressive umbrella.  Their indoctrination is more than complete in that their rationale for calling the Tea Party racists does not hold an ounce of water.

Countering the sheeple in the above video:
First off, Michele Bachmann is not a racist but then we expect racism to be the primary weapon against Bachmann and other Conservatives in the 2012 election campaign.
How is it that those who refuse to see what is right in front of their faces reject the realization that Obama agenda is bent upon shoving all Americans down the road to serfdom turning us into slaves for big government and picking our bones dry?  Further, the Progressive agenda is detrimental to the economy and the country.
Black Americans who support Progressives are the real pawns in the game but they refuse to see the truth. 
How is it racist to compare Obama to Hitler? 
Hitler was a tyrant and a narcissist, Barack Obama is a Marxist and a tyrant. 
Hitler has blood on his hands; Obama has blood on his hands. 
Hitler was a socialist in love with big government; enter BHO and his ideology of big government. 
Hitler ruled under a police state and Obama continues to impose same.
What is the “ultimate” racism?  Such a remark makes no sense, either one is a racist or one is not.
Useful idiots?  Indeed, especially the man at the end of the video claiming that white people are genetically racist and that Black people are incapable of being racists while espousing racist remarks.  Wth??????????? 
To be so ignorant is mind-boggling.

Where did racist anti-Tea Party nut get his nutty ideas?

“Conservatives, I think we all hear it. There are weak-minded people out there so easily influenced by this vitriolic hate speech on the left. Clearly, clearly all of those in the media that are engaging in this sort of hate speech and smear campaign, they better realize what that leads to, violence from guys like this guy, this racist on the right. They should separate themselves from him immediately. But they won’t because we know what’s really in their hearts, now, don’t we? Gosh, that almost sounds evil, doesn’t it?”

Being spoon fed racist rhetoric one’s whole life, not to mention being raised to believe that it is acceptable to blame others for one’s own failures predestines one to a lifetime of failures. 
Moreover, if that individual lacks the mindset to think and make decisions for himself, he or she will accept without question, the propaganda as espoused by Progressives.
The Tea Party is bringing to the surface that which the Marxists running the country want kept in the dark.
What does race have to do with exposing the truth?
Nothing, absolutely nothing.  This is about the desire of Progressives to keep us in the dark and ignorant so that they can move forward with their agenda.
Finally, Americans, black and white alike, should be thanking the Tea Party for exposing the massive deception, backroom deals and corruption.
We call this plantation politics and Progressives are guilty. 

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