Friday, July 29, 2011

The Laura Ingraham Show - Allen West slams tea party "schizophrenia" (updated)

The Laura Ingraham Show - Allen West slams tea ..., posted with vodpod

Allen West, Laura Ingraham, well said!
As for the assault on Congressional Representative Allen West, I disapprove.  Although I am a member of the Tea Party, I am entitled to my open opinions and choices.  In this instance, I do not share the views of those attacking West.
I believe that it is crucial that the Tea Party be careful not to cut off our noses to spite our face.
It is common knowledge that Progressives would love nothing more than to destroy the Tea Party.  They call us extremists and racists, and will not hesitate to twist the slightest remark in an effort to further their cause.
Moreover, it is irrational to surmise that anyone would fully support every vote made by Allen West or any other Republican for that matter.
It is unreasonable to throw Allen West under the bus and those annoyed at West should tread carefully, maybe even take a chill pill. 
Do not give Progressives even the tiniest victory in their quest to divide and conquer Conservatives and most of all the Tea Party.
Finally, expect Progressives to throw the race card out there yet again.  Although not true, Progressives will use any news of the Tea Party v. Allen West as proof that the Tea Party is racist (imagine the spin on this).
I stand by Allen West PERIOD. West is a man of honor and great integrity.  With all that is hitting the fan in Washington, D.C., he has his hands full, therefore, we should support him even while expressing out displeasure with some of his decisions.

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