Sunday, July 24, 2011

Obama Admin Holding Government Ethics Conference at Lavish Golf Resort, Taxpayers’ Expense

“…Uncle Sam will fly hundreds of federal employees—charged with fostering high ethical standards in government—from Washington D.C. to the world-renowned Orlando resort, which is famous for its lush, perfectly landscaped grounds, a 7,000-yard championship golf course and a lagoon-like setting with six tropical pools, waterfalls. a water slide and whirlpools.
The OGE is encouraging all employees with ‘ethics-related duties’ to attend the September event, which has been crowned ‘Organizational Integrity: A Shared Responsibility. Issues that fall within the OGE’s jurisdiction will be discussed, according to a bulletin, as will topics that intersect with ethics rules and regulations. What exactly does this mumbo jumbo really mean?
Here are some examples of the pressing issues that can only be addressed at a golf and spa resort hundreds of miles away from the office. Sessions will cover social media and gifts, presumably the sort that government officials have long been banned from receiving. One workshop on the agenda will reveal how to ‘develop agency-wide support for the ethics program’…”

Horse fodder!  Americans should be outraged.  Apparently, no one in Washington, D.C. is listening to a word we are saying.
Our government officials do not take the America people serious.  No doubt, Barack Obama is toying with us on the debt talks.

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