Sunday, July 24, 2011

Obama Gives Discriminated Hispanic, Women Farmers $1.3 Billion

Image courtesy of Politifake.
“….In all, the agency is allocating $1.33 billion in ‘compensation’ for women and Hispanics in addition to $160 million in ‘farm debt relief.’ Hispanic or women farmers who provide additional proof and meet other requirements can receive a $50,000 reward, according to the USDA announcement. The goal is to ensure that any Hispanic or woman farmer or rancher who alleges discrimination is aware of the money pot, says the USDA official in charge of the program.
To get the word out the feds have launched an impressive bilingual advertising and public relations campaign that includes national outreach tours by top USDA officials as well as Justice Department bigwigs because that agency is sort of overseeing it. The cash giveaway tour was in South Florida this week assuring that there is no filing fee or other costs to claimants who apply for money…”
Something else the lamestream media has failed to report.
First Pigford, then this.  Here is something else from Barack Obama that does not pass the smell test.    

The Marxist in the White House is paying the Latino community off just in time for next year’s election.
I hate to imagine all the fraudulent acts that will come out of this. 
Finally, don’t we have a debt problem or does Obama not give a damn?

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