Saturday, July 16, 2011

TYRANNY ALERT: First Smoking Ban in NYC Parks, Now Adults w/o Children Banned

What else can one expect from the least free state in the Union?
These ridiculous Marxist bans started a while back with the ban on smoking.
Playing chess in NYC Parks goes hand in hand with the New York City park experience, deemed acceptable by New Yorkers and visitors of all ages.
“Give them an inch and they’ll take a mile” should be the mantra for NYC bureaucrats.
The socialist NYC Parks Department has now deemed park area off limits even though, in this instance as in many of the City’s parks, play areas are furnished with stone chess and backgammon tables.
Note that the play area in Inwood Park was separated by a fence.
Two of the seven chess players, God bless them, did not take the summonses lying down.  They challenged the summons and in January 2011, a Manhattan Criminal Court judge dismissed the summonses.
“MANHATTAN CRIMINAL COURT — A judge threw out the NYPD’s case against two men ticketed for playing chess in an Inwood Hill Park playgroundsaying police wrote the summonses wrong.
Manhattan Criminal Court Judge Mark Whiten decided within minutes of the start of the men’s hearing on Tuesday that police issued the tickets based on the incorrect classification.
The summons were written as 103.3, the code for being in the park after stated park hours, but according to the NYPD’s own reasoning, they should have been written as 103.1, in which parkgoers have to abide by the stated signs, Whiten said. The summonses were written at 2 p.m., which is within stated park hours.”
Because the police wrote the summons wrong?  Moreover, another thing, why Criminal Court?  Horse fodder!
With all the issues that desperately need addressing here in NYC, the best that power hungry socialists could come up with was another directive focused on wrestling revenue from the pockets of New Yorker by ruling NYC parks off limits to any adult unaccompanied by a minor[s].
On behalf of the adult chess players in NYC parks, these individuals give back in that they teach and mentor young people seeking to learn the game of chess.  Many are also unofficial caretakers of the parks in their communities.
I worked in Manhattan for more than three decades during which. a third of that time, I worked within walking distance of a park.  Such is a major perk for anyone.
My lunch hour visits consisted of a sandwich or salad, water and a Walkman; and my after work visits entailed chilling out friends until the park closed.  I am not alone.  This is what people do and not just in New York.  It is a way of life and now it is illegal?
I am a taxpayer and have a vested stake in NYC parks. It is unacceptable and a violation of my liberties to be lectured and issued a summons for such lunch hour and evening visits to a park.
Guilty for this infringement upon the liberties of New Yorkers, are the same officials who created designated playground areas for dogs in NYC Parks, yet they turn around and ban adults?
Oh yes and the drug dealers who frequent the parks in certain communities.  Not an issue there, huh, NYPD and NYC Parks officials?
Wake up New York. Far too many New Yorkers fail to recognize the never-ending assaults upon our liberties as a problem. Say no to socialist legislation and government officials. A less free New York does not make us safe.
New York’s corrupt and filthy bureaucrats can take their penal and legislative codes and stick it where the sun does not shine.

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