Thursday, July 28, 2011

While Americans shout NO MORE SPENDING, Obama’s Government Continues to Grow

Driving through Washington, D.C., it is impossible to miss all the construction and rebuilding going on there since Obama has been in office.  It is almost as if Obama is building his own kingdom, which leads any concerned taxpayer to ask as they wait for the traffic light to change, “where is the money coming from to pay for this new mega kingdom?”   

“A brand new 32,000 square foot administrative office for the Department of Parks and Recreation is made possible by Americans through our tax dollars. A beautiful picture of it can be found HERE, cleverly called a ‘Community Center,’ offering some recreational space.     
‘New four-story building, which includes recreational space and administrative offices for the Washington, DC Department of Parks and Recreation.
Sustainable elements include a reflective roof, permanent planters on the rooftop that reduce storm-water runoff and limit the need for potable water, proximity to public transportation, secure bike racks, changing facilities, and the use of low-VOC materials and dormered skylights. The exterior of the building includes a combination of curtainwall, storefront, and masonry.
Architect: Leo A. Daly
Size: 32,000 SF
Schedule: 14 months’

While Obama drives our nation further into debt, it’s great to know projects like this will comfortably house the behemoth government he’s amassing.
When Obama talks about increasing ‘revenue,’ he means increasing taxes on Americans so that he can take more of our money to pay for the things he wants.
Is Obama really helping working families and the poor? Of course not! He’s helping himself by garnishing more power and control through an ever-increasing government. You didn’t think the massive army of government bureaucrats he’s been hiring and housing with our tax dollars would just sit around without creating and enforcing more oppressive regulations for us, did you?
Calling out ‘Millionaires and Billionaires’ is a purposeful misnomer. Obama actually says he intends to increase taxes for a family or business making just $250,000 or more per year, right? $250,000 is not $1,000,000 now is it?
What Obama’s really doing is hurting working families, the poor and small businesses. His intent is to further destroy the middle class; no doubt about that whatsoever…”

Barack Obama hears the voices from millions of Americans shouting no more spending.  He refuses to be bothered to listen.  After all, it is all about the emperor, his new clothes, foot soldiers and matching surroundings kingdom.  Who gives a damn how it gets paid for or what the priorities of the American people are.

Below courtesy of Gulag Bound are more photographs of the emperor’s new surroundings kingdom and at the bottom of the post, an image of a suffering America, one which Obama promised to save but has since had a change of heart.   

“…This program includes the construction of 4 Public Libraries for Washington, D.C. Public Libraries. The new branch libraries are intended to set a new level of excellence for District libraries and will provide library users with easy access to the desired material and technology, while also focusing on sustainability. D.C. Public Libraries hopes these new libraries will symbolically celebrate the important values of knowledge, learning, community, diversity, and sustainability….”

In the meantime, let them eat cake……if they can afford it.

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