Monday, August 1, 2011

Dear Daddy Daily Footage

There is no greater pain than that of a child longing for his father, a father who does not live at home.  Having lived it, I am familiar with the ache, tears and cries of  child for their father.  
The wounds inflicted upon children living in homes without their fathers are long-term and I believe, in many cases, irreversible.   

82.3% is the number of African American children born since 1990 that will not live in the same home as their biological fathers before graduating High School. Today, a generation of African American youth, have not had sustained access to positive paternal or male role models. Consequently, the concept of a residential father is often too removed from these children’s reality. Many of us know the statistics; too many of us have attempted to affect the multiple social, economic and educational dilemmas facing the African American community.Through outreach media, iYAGO Entertainment Group has dedicated its works to familial healing and reconciliation.
Dear Daddy is a feature length documentary about the life long effects of fatherlessness on women. The film follows the dramatic journeys of eight young women from the tough city streets of Washington,DC as they struggle to overcome poverty, poor educational systems, no healthcare, and the most difficult life circumstance they have been dealt... the absence of their fathers….
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