Saturday, August 27, 2011

HURRICANE IRENE: Con Ed May Cut Power To Parts Of NYC

"NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) – New York City’s biggest utility says it could cut power to the city’s most vulnerable areas if Hurricane Irene brings serious flooding.
Consolidated Edison spokesman Chris Olert says the utility doesn’t expect to cut power before the storm hits, but flooding Sunday could bring a shutdown to areas including the southern tip of Manhattan and parts of the West Village.
'It depends on the storm’s path, but this will not happen today because the rains haven’t even started,' said Olert."


Con Ed has been waiting for the right moment all summer to put New Yorkers in the dark. Then they will have the audacity to request a service hike.

I will deal with them later.  In the meantime, I would strongly urge everyone to make sure they are have plenty of batteries, flashlights and/or candles on hand.

Seriously though, I am aware that salt water coming in contact with electrical cables can create a problem.  My beef with Consolidated Edison is that if they had maintained the equipment/cables all along, we wouldn't have so many brownouts.

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