Wednesday, August 3, 2011

MSNBC News' Al Sharpton Doesn't Seem to Understand the Debt Ceiling Issue

NBC News' Al Sharpton Doesn't Seem to Understan..., posted with vodpod

Al Sharpton is one ignorant a$$ sob. Just imagine all the other ignorant a$$ sobs out there that watch him on MSNBC.

Sharpton is so busy spinning propaganda that he makes no effort whatsoever to make sense during the conversation in the above video.

Either the man is just that dumb or MSNBC is making this puppet look like a major league dufus!

The only way that Sharpton can continue down this path of ignorance is if his viewers are just as ignorant and out of touch with THE TRUTH and THE FACTS.

The man is an embarrassment to himself and the Black community.

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