Monday, August 15, 2011

Obama Administration Mulling "Department of Jobs" or the "Department of Competitiveness"

Just posted over at THE RIGHT SCOOP:

"...The administration wants to at least appear to be doing something about the economy, even as it’s pretty clear the President couldn’t care less. We can’t accuse Obama of not focusing on jobs if he’s pushing for a whole new Cabinet-level department devoted to them – right? ..."

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Translation:  Obama is planning to usurp Congress once again.

Barack Obama's  latest circus act will be to downgrade jobs in the United States ensuring that they will never return unless, of course, they are unionized.   He will then deem that the high unemployment is not his fault, that unemployment is not under his domain.

Moreover, this is a scam and another power grab by the OBAMA administration to grow government, give the unions more power along with opening the door for Marxist thugs to get their claws on taxpayer dollars.

Obama will attempt to use this as an excuse to further raise taxes and further pilfer the pockets of Americans.

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