Tuesday, August 23, 2011


About twenty minutes ago, Richmond, VA had an earthquake that registered 5.9 on the Richter scale. If THAT was 5.9, then what on earth was it that I felt here in Brooklyn, NY?  This last tremor was the fifth tremor I felt today. 

The first tremor this morning came about 9:20 a.m. and lasted about 20 seconds.  There was another shortly thereafter. Thought I was imagining things.  The bed was moving, the cat ran and hid; the air conditioner started making weird noises.

Then shortly before 11 a.m., there was yet another tremor.  This tremor was longer but  I still had not figured out what was going on. After all, this is NYC, any tremors here is barely noticeable.

Then came the big one.  Note, it might not register as the big one to folks in California but in NYC, this was the big one.  I can only pray that we do not experience anything bigger.

The furniture started moving across the floor, the cat ran and hid AGAIN. I started feeling dizzy (or so I thought) and the loud roaring.  It sounded like the building I am in was crumbling from the within.  This final tremor lasted forever or so it seemed.

As I jumped up, I had trouble getting my footing and as I looked toward the window and the whole frame appeared as if it was swaying and in the other window, I thought I was about to lose my air-conditioner for sure this time.

I could see trees in the backdrop swaying and the buildings outside were swaying back and forth it appears in the opposite direction. Of course, I am the only one in my apartment who made an effort got the hell to a safe zone.  (Some lectures are definitely overdue.)

If I drank, I would definitely have a stiff one RIGHT NOW.  My prayers are out to the people living in Richmond, Virginia and everyone else along the east coast.

In the meantime, it appears that the cellphones are down and I can’t reach 311 or those dingdong family members and friends who insist on using a cellphone.    

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