Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Speech by Brave Hackney Woman Against London Rioters/ Looters [SUBTITLED] [Raw Language]

Speech by Brave Hackney Woman Against London Ri..., posted with vodpod
Indeed, the woman in the above video is brave. She takes me back several decades to the riots in the mid-60’s aka the “Burn baby burn” era (images at bottom of post)..  
As a child, I personally witnessed the riots that started in Watts and quickly spread cross-country in various neighborhoods because I had the misfortune of living in one such community.
I recall looking out the kitchen window, the lights in our apartment out into the dark of night over the heads of rioters hoping that they would not look up; praying that these thugs would not climb the fire escape and come into our homes. 
Many living in these communities rioted, burning to the ground the homes in which they lived and businesses that they often frequented.
Such riots launched high unemployment and homelessness among the poor Black and Latino living there.
Fifty years later, history forgotten or covered up, only some of the communities have been restored.  However, most neighborhoods have yet to come back to their full potential.  Moreover, many living in those communities are clueless as to the full potential of the neighborhoods in which they reside.
In the meantime, those living there blame others.
Sound familiar?
How long before history repeats itself?
God bless this warrior of justice. She knows what she’s talking about. H/t The Blaze.
The Black and Latino communities are DESPERATELY in need of voices of reason because they have put their trust are those who would benefit from such self-destruction and chaos.
Sound familiar?
UK rioters this week:

Riots and "burn baby burn" era mid-60's:

What's the difference?

Nothing in the above video would imply that Black people in the mid-60's intended to wait for Progressives/the government instead of making it happen for themselves by themselves.  
What happened?  
How did the message get so screwed up?  
Marxists,  Cloward & Piven, Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals and Black and Latino community leaders selling out, for starters.

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