Monday, August 1, 2011


“This story involves one man’s personal family tragedy, a conservative talk radio host…and McDonald’s.
And now the Tea Party and a Chicago chapter of the NAACP are banding together to protest against WVON-1690-AM, ‘The Talk of Chicago.’
Lenny McAllister has been a conservative talk-show host on WVON-AM.
He’s also been a mentor to 21-year-old Jentri Casaberry.
Casaberry took time off from his McDonald’s night manager job to be at the bedside of his premature son during the final hours of his life.  The baby died in just the first week of life.
Casaberry says McDonald’s then fired him for not showing up to work.
The word made its way to McAllister who shared the story with listeners, telling them to take a ‘holiday’ from patronizing McDonald’s franchises owned by the operator who fired Casaberry.
McAllister wrote this statement on his Facebook page:
‘Lenny McAllister has called for a ‘holiday’ from McDonald‘s here on the south side of Chicago until those restaurants’ leadership (and ownership) learn to mentor, support, and guide our young people more rather than simply abusing them while they are at their lowest points, only to complain about them once they’re all used up – until then, DO NOT FREQUENT MCDONALD’S on the south side of Chicago.’
For speaking out against McDonald’s, a long time advertiser with the radio station, McAllister then lost his job.
The Root, an online news source ‘founded in 2008 under the leadership of Prof. Henry Louis Gates Jr.’ (beer summit), now reports that the Tea Party and NAACP is working together to take on the radio station:
‘Now the Chicago Far South Suburban branch of the NAACP is planning to protest the station to help McAllister win his job back, said branch’s president, David L. Lowery Jr. And in a strange turn of events, the Tea Party — of which McAllister is a member — is offering its assistance, Lowery said. No date has been set for the protest ….”
You can be assured that the lame stream propaganda media will not bring this news to Americans.  News of the NAACP and the Tea Party working together to right the wrongs of two Black men would wreak havoc on the Progressive propaganda machine.
Hold up!  What is that about the Tea Party being racist?
Touché, another Progressive myth debunked!
One thing though, I can’t help but wonder if the NAACP will screw this up by making it about race.  It is not about race, therefore, race should not enter the equation.

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