Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ten years after 9/11, al Jazeera airs in New York City (via Creeping Sharia)

What is that in your teeth New York?  No, it is not piece of lettuce; it is Islamic jihadists coming to you courtesy of Al Jazeera, English.treasonous and greedy bureaucrats, politicians, Time Warner and soon Verizon Fios.

It is amazing how so many have put a dollar figure the willingness to forget September 11, 2011, the devastation, pain and misery.

"Terror television comes to the scene of the largest jihad attack on U.S. soil, thanks to Time Warner Cable. via Al Jazeera English now available in New York as push for wider U.S. footprint continues | Yahoo! News. Thanks to its celebrated coverage of the Arab Spring, Al Jazeera has gone from being a news organization condemned and feared by United States power brokers to one praised by American dignitaries and politicians such as Hillary Clinton …" Read More
via Creeping Sharia    
Are our memories that short?
To forget September 11, 2001 is to spit on the graves of those who perished that day and to imply that those who mourned the loss of loved ones are being overemotional.

Photograph courtesy of Atlas Shrugs.

WTC photographs courtesy of Global

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