Wednesday, August 24, 2011

TYRANNY ALERT - Dictator-in-Chief Obama and US Congress Collaborating to Destroy USA?


It is not as if we were not warned.  Yet millions of clueless and indoctrinated Americans desperate for their first Black president and a free ride elected the dictator-in-chief.
There is a price to be paid for everything and as a result, Barack Obama continues to destroy our country, its economy while immersing the nation deeper into a police state. 

To cover his sins, Obam’s overseers are using diversionary tactics such as blaming the Tea Party.
Why?  Because moonbats are incapable of seeing that which is right in front of their faces as long as Progressive politicians are espousing Progressive rhetoric and talking points.
In the meantime, the country is going to hell.
“The facts are now so obvious and blatant that even dyed in the wool Obama sycophants should be able to see and hear the truth.  What took the people of this country generations of their blood, toil and sweat to accomplish and build has been destroyed in less than 4 years.
The United States of America has been gutted of its financial resources, its people have had their rights to makes their own decisions about their lives (think ObamaCare, the First, Second and Fourth Amendments for starters) rescinded so that Obama and his cabal will decide for them, US citizens have had their jobs removed and so thoroughly decimated that they must now rely on the fewer and fewer still working and Obama’s good will (an oxymoron if I ever heard one) to survive.
And now Obama has decided–as he promised to do but, the leftist elite and enough mentally deficient American voters chose to elect him anyway–to shut down coal (even the refurbished ‘clean coal’ plants) production operations by using his EPA regulation hammer to drive them out of business.  Remember that Obama couldn’t get his Cap & Trade through Congress so, he issued a dictatorial fiat.  This is completely illegal and unconstitutional but…no one is stopping him.
We are now living in a dictatorial Police State that is completely lawless–save the laws Obama and his DOJ are making up on the spot as they so choose.  And Congress and the leftist courts are doing nothing–whatsoever–to stop it….”

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