Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Looking over the shoulder of voters and astroturfing equal failure.
LOSERS, AS USUAL:  Progressives indict everyone else of that which they themselves are guilty. 
Last evening, Democratic Party Spokesman Gr Zielinski accused Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus of tampering with election ballots. 

If Nickolaus' name sounds familiar, that is because she was accused by Progressives of meddling with Wisconsin’s Supreme Court election earlier this year by neglecting to include election totals from Brookfield, Wisconsin in the preliminary results.
In other words, Progressives are angry that they cheated, spent millions; cost Wisconsin taxpayers millions, astroturfed Marxists from across the nation into the state of Wisconsin, and still Republicans maintain the majority. 
Yesterday’s recall election is once again, a vindication for Governor Scott Walker.  The people have spoken and the unions cannot handle the truth.

Honor!  Code!  Loyalty!  Now that is something that Progressives, in this instance, unions know nothing about.
Did Republicans maintain the majority in the Wisconsin recall elections?  Now everybody, say it with me:  YOU G.D. RIGHT WE DID!
Gr Zielinski couldn’t help himself last night.  Accusing Nickolaus of tampering with election ballots for him comes natural, much like breathing.

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