Friday, September 9, 2011


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"President Obama's ban on al qaeda and jihad, Bloomberg's ban on clergy and first responders will not stand. Come to the real 911 ceremony of remembrance at Ground Zero on 911 at 3:00pm on Park Place and West Broadway.
It is incumbant upon every American to remember and honor our war dead. Never forget. Join us as we honor the victims and rededicate ourselves to fighting for freedom on September 11 at West Broadway and Park Place at our 911 Freedom Rally. One 9/11 family member remarked: 'I am looking forward to the rally. It is a place we can be free to really remember the who, why, when and where of 9/11. The morning ceremony' – that is, the officiceremony, from which clergy and 9/11 first responders – “is devoid of any meaning...”

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