Friday, September 2, 2011

Black Conservative to Maxine Waters and Congressional Black Caucus: “Hell is in the black communities that the Congressional Black Caucus serves”

Black Conservative to Maxine Waters (CBC): “Hel..., posted with vodpod

H/t THE RIGHT SCOOP.  Indeed, this is exactly what is angering Progressives so.  They cannot fight the truth that they are failing not only the Black community but the whole United States of America.

Moreover, their outrageous claims that members of the Tea Party want to see Black people hanging from trees only sheds a more glaring light on their failure.

Kevin Jackson nails it.  You want to the truth, see Jackson’s post entitled, “The Post-Racial Echo Chamber of Ignorance.”  Better yet, share it with every leftie you know.  It ought to make their day.

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