Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Factor's Jesse Watters Takes on the Cowardly Witch, Maxine Waters

The Factor's Jesse Watters Takes on the Cowardl..., posted with vodpod

Face to face with a staff member of Fox, Maxine Waters, the unethical and unrefined necromancer of the West Coast, loses her tongue rendering her incapable of defending the putrid venom that trickles from her mouth.  Instead, this evil, sniveling waste of humanity remains silent with nothing but a stupid smirk on her face. (Oh, my bad, that was a grin. Yuck!)

The factions that support the coward, Maxine Waters,  should be highly offended.

As for Bill Gates, this contemptible capitalist is unworthy of a diatribe.

In any event, after viewing the above video, I have concluded that Obama must have signed an executive order forbidding Progressives to speak with the staff of Fox News without first obtaining a waiver from The One.

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