Friday, September 9, 2011

The Five - Bob Beckel's Potty Mouth

Potty mouth, slip of the tongue, whatever it is, Progressive Bob Beckel who is often seen on various Fox News programs (cable) can now be seen on weekdays on The Five at 5 p.m.
Beck's claim to fame other than football is for being a hot head, smart-ass and bully during discussions with Conservatives though he has tried to tone it down on The Five. 
Try as he might, just like a Progressive leopard cannot change his spots, Beckel cannot change who he is and every now and then, one of the panelists on The Five presses that button and the next thing you know, #*%(#!
See for yourself.


and then not too long ago,

H/t The Blaze via my friend and fellow patriot, Samiam over at Village of the Banned.

This now means that when my grandchildren are visiting I will now have to send them into the next room or change the channel at 5 p.m.  Thanks Bob.

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