Thursday, September 22, 2011


Officials want to stop Asian carp before it enters the Great Lakes and
decimates native aquatic wildlife. (Photo: Jim Weber, Zuma Press

“CHICAGO (The Blaze/AP) — From one of the most invasive aquatic species in the country to special of the day, Illinois officials see a use for Asian carp that will kill two birds — or carp rather — with one stone.

With record numbers of people in the region facing hunger, Asian carp  could soon fill their bellies while also helping prevent the exponentially growing carp population from reaching the Great Lakes — if it hasn’t snuck through already.

But Illinois officials appear to have their work cut out for them in terms of the carp’s image. Recent visitors to Our Lady of Grace Food Pantry in Chicago were skeptical. The pantry puts canned goods, meat and bread in the plastic food bags it gives out. If carp were to make its way there, workers would include it with the meat, leaving people to figure out how to cook the fish on their own.

‘I wouldn’t eat it,’ Vincent Williams, 49, an unemployed former bank worker, said with a look of disgust on his face.
Ugh, I don’t know. I might,’ said Christopher Cain, 25, a former moving company worker.

Before you turn up your nose too, know this: Asian carp is being re-branded and fried up to taste something like mahi mahi.

‘We are in unchartered water here,’ said Illinois Department of Natural Resources spokesman Chris McCloud. ‘Why remove them and put them into a landfill when you can take them and use them for good? If we can get past the name ‘carp’ and the perception … we can prove this is going to be a highly nutritious, cheap meal….

… Anti-hunger advocates in Illinois are praising the idea of serving the carp….”     


In other words, Illinois bureaucrats have come up with a solution to the infestation of carp by feeding this ecological disaster to the poverty-stricken and hungry.

Said solution is revolting because it is not really about feeding the hungry but MONEY as we once again observe with trepidation the treatment and contempt for the underprivileged and hungry by Progressives and their so-called do-gooders aka anti-hunger advocates.

I cannot help but ask how many of these bureaucrats and anti-hunger advocates have themselves indulged in this
 ecological disaster that has invaded our rivers and lakes.

Take note America, if Progressives have their way and this test run proves successful, carp will soon be a staple on the tables of everyone throughout the country receiving food stamps…for starters.

As for those who prefer to spend their lives living on entitlements, this just might be an incentive to break the cycle.

While I am neither here nor there on carp itself, the fact that the government has control of our food and is now moving to
 force Americans to adjust their taste buds leaves me as cold as the fish itself (no pun intended).

With the Nanny State is aggressive as ever, I am uncomfortable with what is coming down the pike (again, no pun intended).

  USDA Vilsack: Americans must ‘adjust’ their taste buds

I am quite confident that all of the above is connected which leads me to ask, WHAT IS NEXT?  The USDA plotting to shove this ecological disaster down the throats of all Americans by taking eliminating our choices?

I will pass.

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