Saturday, September 3, 2011

National Guardsmen heckled after nearly drowning in floodwaters

National Guardsmen heckled after nearly drownin..., posted with vodpod


"...Chief Warrant Officer 2 Patrick Daugherty, a spokesman for the New Jersey National Guard, said it was an ambitious effort that took an unexpected turn.

'In many cases, soldiers, firemen, policemen, they overcome the impossible,' he said. 'Sometimes, they enter the darkest places that people would never enter. Those soldiers were there to search for and assist residents of New Jersey who needed help. ... Unfortunately, things didn't work out right..."   

The jack rabbit who videotaped the near drowning of a few of our heroes is far too ignorant to realize that our military serves their country, God and family.  Therefore, it is nothing for them to take on such projects so that others may be safe.

Should , the coward and author of the aforementioned video ever find himself in dire straits, these are the heroes that  would want to rescue his sorry a**.

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