Saturday, September 3, 2011

Philadelphia Mayor on Violent Flash Mobs Jobs [FOX 9-01-2011]

Philadelphia Mayor on Violent Flash Mobs Jobs [..., posted with vodpod

Throw these thugs in jail and hold their parents accountable as well.

Stop blaming everything on the lack of jobs.  Since the late 60's, all we have been hearing from the left is, "if they had jobs, they wouldn't go out and commit crimes."  Well, even when jobs were plentiful, one had to seek out a job to obtain one.

If jobs were plentiful today, thugs would still choose to victimize and commit criminal acts over working.  Moreover, there are plenty of unemployed young Americans, Black and White and they are not committing criminal acts.

Enough with the lame excuses.  Call these people what they are, THUGS.

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