Thursday, September 22, 2011


It is no secret that Progressives have declared an all out war on the Tea Party.  As such, I just received the following action alert from Judson Phillips of Tea Party Nation and thought it worth sharing.  Besides the need for your voice, I ask that you please pass the alert along.
When the Tea Party came into existence in 2009, the left and the media did not know what to make of us.  Their first strategy was simply to see if we would go away.  

We did not go away.

Then they tried to make fun of us. 

That did not work to well either.

Then they tried to ignore us. 

Unfortunately, that is still going on and a Tea Party candidate needs your help.

Jamie Radtke is running for the United States Senate in Virginia, as a Republican.  Jamie was there as this movement got started and has been in the trenches with us.  Earlier this year, Jamie announced she was running for the Senate seat held by liberal Democrat James Webb.

Webb decided he did not want to fight so he quit.  He is not running for reelection.  Former Chairman of the Democratic National Committee Tim Kaine is running as is former Virginia Governor George Allen.

You may remember George Allen from six years ago.  He was running for the Senate seat against Webb.   At the time, Allen was also thought to have Presidential aspirations.  One day, while on the campaign trail, a tracker, someone who is sent by the other campaign to see if they can catch the candidate saying or doing something stupid, got Allen’s attention.  Allen called him “Macacca” which was interpreted to be a racial slur.  Allen lost the race.

Now, it is campaign time in Virginia again and the Virginia media is scheduling a debate.   The Virginia media has set the rules so there are only two candidates who qualify for the debate.  George Allen and Tim Kaine.  The only candidates the media wants in this debate are the Washington candidates. 

This debate is scheduled long before the primary, yet the media is treating this debate as if it is a debate between the two they think are going to be in the general election.

The voters of Virginia may have something to say about who is going to be in that general election.

Meanwhile, we should not ignore this blatant attempt to keep a bona fide Tea Party candidate out of the debate.

Whether you support Allen or Radtke, it is important that Jamie Radtke be allowed to have her voice heard and represent the Tea Party and the millions of members of the Tea Party in that debate.

If you think it is outrageous that a Tea Party candidate is being excluded from the debate, take a moment to do something about it.

The Debate is being sponsored by the Associated Press and Virginia Capital Correspondents Association.  Let them know that you do not approve of excluding a Tea Party candidate from the debate.

You can reach the Associated Press at 804-643-6646.  The AP bureau chief can also be emailed at  Finally, you can also email the VCCA.   Their email is    Take the time to contact them.  Be polite but tell them you think it is absolutely outrageous that a Tea Party candidate is excluded from this debate before the primary and you want to see Jamie Radtke in the debate.

As this election season drags on, we are seeing fake Tea Party candidates sprout up.  We need to stand for a real Tea Party candidate and make sure she has the chance to make her case to the voters of Virginia.

Help Jamie today! "

We must take a stand against those plotting to silence the voice of Tea Party candidates.  Please pass this alert on and join us as we strive to TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK.

Thank you.

P.S.  Patriots residing in Virginia, feel free to check out:  Jamie Radtke for Senate.

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