Friday, September 2, 2011

White House Furious over Speech Delay


“On Wednesday, House Republicans forced the president to delay his speech to a joint session of Congress by one day.

Who cares? The White House cares. Very much.

“It is a big deal that the House said ‘no’ to the president from our end,” a White House source with intimate knowledge of what took place between the House and the president told me Thursday. “This confirms what we all know: They will do anything in the House to muck us up.”

On Wednesday, the White House staff did not know exactly what President Barack Obama was going to say in his major jobs speech, but it knew exactly where and when he was going to say it….

…The White House was well aware the president’s speech would conflict with a planned Republican debate sponsored by POLITICO and NBC to be held at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, Calif. The debate would be broadcast live by MSNBC and live-streamed by POLITICO. CNBC and Telemundo will re-air the broadcast.…”

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Obama the monarch.  How dare the House make him wait one day?

If what Obama has to say is so important, then why wait until next week?  He could have said what he had to say weeks ago.

The House was correct to make Obama wait one day.  Furthermore, Obama should not be permitted to hold a joint session for the purposes of campaigning and spreading a Marxist ideology.

It was always Obama’s intent from day one to rain on the GOP’s parade and now it has backfired.  So how does Obama behave?  Like a cantankerous child.

Moreover, this is not about jobs, the economy of the misery of the American people.  It is about Obama getting re-elected and finding an excuse to spend, spend, and spend while raising our taxes.

Obama is desperate for money to pursue his Communist agenda, therefore, he plans to lie as he present a faux another agenda.  In other words, the snake oil salesman has another bogus idea he wants to impart on us.

I say that we, the American people, send this child back to his room….in Chicago, Illinois at first light.

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