Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Allow me to share with you the following email received this afternoon from the Dr. Frances Rice of the National Black Republican Association (“NBRA”).

“This is a pivotal moment in our nation’s history.

The concerted campaign of personal destruction against Republican Presidential Candidate Herman Cain by the liberal media is yet another clear demonstration that the left-wing press has long since abandoned any pretense of news reporting as envisioned by the First Amendment to our Constitution.  Instead, the so-called main stream media has become the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party led by President Barack Obama who is determined to ram his failed socialist agenda down America’s throat and turn our country into an economic basket case like Greece, Italy and Spain.

Herman Cain has an opportunity now to thwart the liberal press efforts to drive accomplished conservative candidates out of the political arena with lies, distortions and innuendos, while they glorify misbehaving liberal candidates and cover up their high crimes, misdemeanors and just plain bad behavior.  Prime examples are Bill Clinton who lied under oath, Ted Kennedy who was responsible for a woman’s drowning death and Barney Frank out of whose home his homosexual lover ran a brothel.

America needs Cain to stay in the presidential race and not buckle under the weight of the liberal smear machine.  By the same token, Cain needs America to look at the facts and not condemn him based on unproven allegations.

When the Obama media realized their attempts to derail Cain’s campaign with false charges of sexual harassment were not working, they were quick to give airtime to a clearly troubled woman, Ginger White, who presented zero evidence to support her allegations of an affair with Cain…”

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