Friday, November 25, 2011

OCCUPY WALL STREET: Stores brace themselves for ‘ Black Friday’ as protesters plan disruptive flash mobs, consumer zombies and carol singing

OWS invaders are ripe with the stench of hypocrisy as they ignore their unquenchable lust for all  innovations courtesy of capitalism to trample upon the liberties of Americans who plan to shop Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving.

“Stores across the U.S. are bracing themselves for 'Occupy Black Friday' as Wall Street protesters ask shoppers to get involved with something besides door-buster sales and crowded mall car parks.

Some protesters from the Occupy Wall Street movement do not want people to shop at all but others are hoping to divert them from giant chains and malls to local convenience stores. ...
…In Seattle, protesters are driving to Wal-Mart stores to protest with other Occupy groups from around Washington state.... 
.,,Elsewhere the 75-person encampment in Boise, Idaho, will send ‘consumer zombies’ to wander around in silent protest of what they view as unnecessary spending.

The Des Moines, Iowa, group plans flash mobs at three malls in an attempt to get people to think about what they're buying.
Protesters say the movement should not take away money and seasonal jobs from the working-class majority it purports to represent…”

No doubt, Occupy Wall Street is a huge failure. In fact, the only thing that they are successful at is putting the nails in their own coffin.

Personally, I am one of those folks who happen to be more than pleased to shop online especially Black Friday.

Like everyone else I love a good sale but it ends there.  I hate malls and I hate lines and if these invaders know what’s good for them, they will not get in the way of shoppers on Black Friday, Saturday or Monday because somebody is going to get hurt and it won’t be the shoppers.

The thought of occupying Black Friday is a dreadfully stupid idea that will only open make Americans despise the invaders and their freedom trampling movement even more.

What are the odds that this idea was thought of by one of those elitists hypocrites in the group.

Clearly, I am not alone in my assessment.  See comments below from article on Daily Mail:

“I can't stand these people. Whenever they decide what they heck they want from this movement (I have yet to hear a coherent statement) I plan on voting for the exact opposite. They have officially become a nuisance and the blow-back will insure that they don't get anything they're agitating for.
- sqt, Rocklin, CA, 25/11/2011 04:36

‘We wanted to get at them in a playful, friendly way, to support local businesses.’ Shouting at me or disparaging my choice of shopping locale is neither 'playful' nor is it 'friendly'. Being pestered by those who feel that they are on some higher moral ground will make me angrier. How will burning gallons more in fuel to make the rounds to all of the "local" shops and then paying sales tax at each location (in addition to higher prices) endear consumers to them? The areas in front of malls are generally private property, so they will provoke a confrontation; but this is just what these immature, anti-social, non-contributors to society want.
- jimb, carmel, ca, usa, 24/11/2011 20:37

If these ‘occupy’ nitwits thought police with pepper spray were tough, wait'll they get in the face of middle age female shoppers looking for a bargain on the George Foreman indoor grill.
- Lanker Pheldge, Monte Vista, CO, USA, 25/11/2011 4:25”

Black Friday shoppers are the roughest, toughest and can be the fiercest shoppers in the land.   Only a darned fool would stand between a sale and Black Friday shoppers.  Don’t tread on them.

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