Monday, November 21, 2011

SPAIN ELECTIONS: Conservatives Landslide Win as Socialists Voted Out


“With almost 98 per cent of the vote counted the Popular Party won 186 seats in the 350 seat congress garnering a strong mandate to push through further austerity measures in an attempt to turn around an economy that risks being engulfed by the sovereign debt crisis.

‘We are facing a decisive moment for Spain, Mariano Rajoy, the next prime minister, said in a televised acceptance speech in front of jubilant supporters in downtown Madrid.

‘We are at a crossroads that will shape the future of this great country not just in the next few years but the next few decades….’

…The socialists suffered their biggest defeat since Spain became a democracy more than 30 years ago, punished by an electorate for their perceived bungling of the economic crisis that has left 5 million unemployed…”     

Congratulations to the people of Spain for standing up against three decades of destruction brought about by socialism. 

It will not be an easy ride up and out of this muck but nevertheless, you are on your way.

We here in America commend you as we fight to turn back the hands of time to better days ourselves.

Are you listening America?

Socialism does not work.

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