Thursday, December 1, 2011

I Need to Vent...

I belong to the Herman Cain forum of America c2c Coast 2 Coast  and it is safe to say that Herman Cain IS NOT losing as many supporters as the leaders of the Republican Party, Progressives and the lame stream media would have us believe.

As a matter of fact, Cain's supporters are outraged against those who jumped ship the moment there were signs of trouble and many are now calling out the detractors asking the following questions, "If you jumped ship so fast, were you ever really there in the first place?"  and "What does it say about us as Conservatives AND Independents that detractors, both on the left and right, have us jumping through hoops from candidate to candidate?"

Well, one of my favorite bloggers from America c2c Coast 2 Coast nails it.

"I understand that those of you reading this ARE aware and DO exercise critical thinking skills.  But I need to vent...  Thanks for bearing with me.

Very, very frustrating to me that so many Conservatives refuse to just BREATHE...let things play out until we have the WHOLE STORY before jumping ship like rats being flooded out of a hold.  The hypocrisy of jumping ship when times are tough is inexcusable.  People supporting Herman Cain one day, hearing claims made by a buxom blonde standing alongside a joking Gloria Allred and leaping into lifeboats the next?  Thank God my friends and loved ones are more loyal than that.  
Then "back on board the ship" following the  firsthand account of the secretary who worked with Cain for seven years...."

Check out Karen's post.  It is definitely well worth the read.

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