Sunday, December 11, 2011

In the wake of Herman Cain’s announcement to suspend his campaign, are his supporters now switching to…Ron Paul?

Being that Herman Cain has suspended his campaign, where do I go from here.  I do not see myself voting for Newt Gingrich.  Gingrich is a Progressive Republican and I am not fighting the good fight to waste my vote on anyone who has supported the Progressive agenda.
As for Mitt Romney, he is just as bad, i.e., that dog won't hunt.   Besides being a flip flopper, I believe that Romney is as out of touch as Barack Obama.
Both Romney and Gingrich represent the establishment and business as usual in politics and both are guilty, hands down, of aligning themselves with Progressives.
So today, I am looking at Ron Paul.  I ran across the following post earlier today and must admit that it gave me cause for thought.  
"...Convention would hold that the newly disaffected Cain supporters would be most likely to support Gingrich or Romney because Ron Paul is widely considered to be outside the mainstream. After all, Herman Cain did work for the Federal Reserve and Ron Paul literally wrote the book on ending the fed. So, is it really possible Cain supporters would now support Ron Paul instead? According to all the early indicators, the answer is “yes”.
The first indication I noticed that Herman Cain suspending his campaign may benefit Paul came from According to, Herman Cain’s odds on the website plummeted following his earlier announcement. At the same time, Paul’s chances rose 10%, although the website still has him as a long shot. Then I read that (the largest Herman Cain forum on the internet, although not officially affiliated with his campaign) has announced that they are now supporting Ron Paul. Today was the forum’s single busiest day, and the site is filled with many Ron Paul supporters that have opened a dialog with the people on Crazily enough, even the mainstream media is having a hard time ignoring the Paul/Cain connection as CNN posted this piece detailing the prospects of Cain supporters supporting Gingrich or Paul.
So why would Cain supporters now support Paul? Turns out, it’s for the exact reason convention would dictate they wouldn’t, and the exact reason they supported Cain; Paul is the ultimate anti-establishment candidate. While many Paul supporters will call into question Cain’s “anti-establishment” street cred, Cain’s supporters view him as a Washington D.C. outsider that had fresh ideas....."
Conservative Americans and the Republican Party establishment are two very different entities.  
The Progressive establishment on both the left and the right are spending millions of dollars in an effort to persuade Conservatives that Cain supporters are flocking to Newt Gingrich.  Do not believe them America.  It is a mind game.  In other words, "If we say it enough, the little people will  start to believe it."  Like I said, business as usual, condescending and disrespectful.

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