Friday, December 2, 2011

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Media Libtard Joe Klein » 'We Started To Attack..., posted with vodpod

Now that the right is divided and many on the right for whatever reason could not wait to abandon the Cain train, the liberal media is laughing their butts off so much so that they will now from here on in throw it in the face of America and Republicans through Election 2012 in Marxist propaganda to the gullible.

Progressives will spin the illusion that Republicans are racist by invoking the name of Herman Cain.

While it is not true, if Cain leaves the primary, rest assured, the reasons for his departure will be twisted in every direction and since Progressives are good at tainted realities, many will believe it.  

In the end, it will even cost the Republican Party votes because it will be hard for those who have been brainwashed their whole lives to see it any other way than how it will be spun by the Marxists running the show.  

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