Monday, December 5, 2011


This time around....anyway.

“…Despite any ideological differences, Occupy Richmond has come out in support of the local chapter of the conservative Tea Party movement, which has accused city officials of a double standard in its dealings with the two movements.
‘Occupy Richmond believes in absolute free speech, including the right to criticize the government without fear of retribution,’ Occupy Richmond said in a statement posted Thursday on its website. ‘Given the duplicitous and violent manner in which the city government chose to raid our peaceful occupation, it would not surprise us if the recently announced city audit of the Richmond Tea Party were retaliation for their criticism of the mayor….”

Are we to be impressed?  NOT! 
Are they to be trusted?  Definitely not.
The fact that Occupy Richmond has concluded that there is a double standard here does not give them any credence nor should it. 
Our values and our views remain as far apart as ever.
See Occupy Richmond’s statement here.
In the meantime, watch the other hand. H/t The Blaze.

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