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ASSAULT ON FREE SPEECH ALERT: CAIR Pressures; Wordpress Caves. Takes Down Bare Naked Islam’s Website



Market Watch has published a news release from CAIR bragging about being responsible for Bare Naked Islam’s Take Down,,  CAIR and organization the FBI considers an affiliate of  various Islamic Terrorist Organizations described BNI as a hate site. read it here

Anti-Muslim Hate Site Removed After CAIR’s Intervention

It would seem.  according to CAIR, if you have a website and you speak out about  Islamic Terrorists who are trying to kill you,  beheading, stoning women on trumped up charges, burning Christian Churches, killing Christians and other atrocities you are running a hate site…”


As of this posting, the 411 behind the takedown of BNI continues to unfold.

Since my schedule may not permit me to keep you posted on the turn of events, for updated information on the takedown of BNI, please pay a visit to Grumpy’s Opinions.

What has Bare Naked Islam (BNI) done wrong?  Not a darn thing.

What they have done and I hope will continue to do is shine a bright light on CAIR, the Muslim Brotherhood, atrocities committed by Islamic factions in the name of Shariah Law against men, women, children, Christians, and non-Muslims throughout the world many of whom are closely linked to these two organizations.

BNI has also reported on the Obama administration’s more than friendly relationship with organizations like CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood and the danger it poses to the United States and Europe.

Of course, CAIR claims that the reason BNI's site was taken down is because of threats posted on BNI’s site.  It should be noted, however, that   CAIR, a Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood front is famous silencing voices of opposition.

A threat to free speech is a threat to us all and should not be ignored or tolerated.

This is PC gone to hell in a hand basket and nothing more than attack on free speech.

If you are as apoplectic about as I am about Wordpress caving to such an extreme entity, you can contact via email Wordpress Support at to inform them accordingly.

In the event you are unfamiliar with CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood, feel free to check out these articles  to familiarize yourself entitled, "CAIRful" and “FBI, Senators recommend ban on terror-related CAIR, CAIR hires Democratic Senator.”

As for Wordpress,

Again, you can you can share your views regarding this attack on free speech with Wordpress Support at

Finally, a message to those of us who report on such atrocities as committed the likes of CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood while also calling out the present administration, WATCH YOUR BACK.

Image courtesy of Marooned in Marin.
Image courtesy of Marooned in Marin.

"First they came for the Jews and I did not speak out because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for the Communists and I did not speak out because I was not a Communist.

Then they came for the trade unionists and I did not speak out because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak out for me."  ― Martin Niemöller

Computers, printers and documents from offices of at least 17 NGOs seized by Egyptian security forces - 12302011

Egyptian security forces seized computers, prin..., posted with vodpod

“CAIRO—Egyptian security forces seized computers, printers and documents from offices of at least 17 nongovernmental organizations Thursday, including three American groups, further straining the fraying ties between Egypt's interim military leadership and its allies in Washington.
The U.S. said it was ‘deeply concerned’ about the raids. It raised the specter of clamping down on funding to Egypt's powerful military, one of Washington's closest military allies in the Middle East.
Special-forces units of the Egyptian military, accompanied by state prosecutors and uniformed and plainclothes police officers, searched the offices of human-rights and pro-democracy groups in Cairo and other Egyptian cities. Among the offices raided were those of Washington-based Freedom House, National Democratic Institute and International Republican Institute. Security officers seized papers and hardware, forbidding the NGOs' employees from leaving or making phone calls.
Egypt's military leadership has often blamed the country's ongoing violent protests on what they call a foreign-backed conspiracy to create chaos and undermine the Egyptian state. While prosecutors declined to discuss the action, the Egyptian state news agency, Mena, said prosecutors were seeking evidence of foreign funding at the groups. In Egypt, such funding must be approved by the government.….”

The National Democratic Institute, Freedom House and the two other Washington-based groups were among the so-called pro-democracy and human rights organizations raided this week in Egypt.[i]  All of the above receive federal funding from the U.S. government.
While the Obama administration decries the raids by the Egyptian military, Progressives from Obama’s mentor, George Soros  to the Obama administration itself to Obama’s buddies Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dorhn to Code Pink to Wade Rathke and organized labor have made no effort to hide their involvement in the uprising that began last year in Egypt.[ii]

So what did the Obama administration in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood, an entity that is far more dangerous than former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak expect?
As for the Egyptian military, the United States provides $1.3 billion annually to the military.  That amounts to 20% of the Egyptian military's budget.
No doubt, these funds could be better spent addressing our national debt.
In lieu of the raids, we can expect tensions to escalate between the Obama administration and the Egypt government.     

[i]  Simply because the Progressive media and the Obama administration refer to the Egyptian uprising as a democratic uprising, do not make it so.  What the world witnessed in Egypt was a revolution.

ELECTION 2012: Gov. Rick Perry on the Attack in Iowa 12282011

ELECTION 2012: Gov. Rick Perry on the Attack i..., posted with vodpod

Excellent interview.  To view transcript, go to On The Record w Greta Van Susteren, here.

ELECTION 2012: Michele Bachmann and Ron Paul on WHO-Radio, Des Moines, Iowa 12292011 (C-SPAN)

ELECTION 2012: Michele Bachmann and Ron Paul ..., posted with vodpod

Representatives Michele Bachman (R-MN) and Ron Paul (R-TX) appeared separately on the Jan Mickelson WHO radio show and answered questions from the host and listeners.

If unable to view above video, go to C-SPAN HERE.

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What to Expect from Arab Spring (GBTV - Originally Aired 12/16/2011)

What to Expect from Arab Spring (GBTV - Origin..., posted with vodpod

Scott Baker is joined by Buck Sexton from & GBTV's Erick Stakelbeck to discuss what to expect from the Arab Spring

'If I Were a Poor Black Kid' Controversy: Why Liberals Won't Let White People Discuss Race

Prime example of Black America talking the talk but not walking the walk.  We should have had this conversation a long time ago.
Moreover, Liberal Forbes columnist and Progressive, Gene Marks, should have seen this coming.  The fact that he did not means that he’s not paying attention to what goes on around him.

Countdown to Iowa: Michele Bachmann

Are you listening America?  This is too important.  Do not fold!  Do not settle!
Are you listening America? This is too important. Do not fold! Do not settle!

Islam was not for me - Amil Imani (Free Iran)

Video courtesy of Ex-Muslim Debunks Islam.

Obama's Hawaiian Binge @ Taxpayers' Expense

I found the site listed below courtesy of The Blaze and thought it definitely worth sharing with you.  Please feel free to share as well.
The name of the site is WASTED IN HAWAII:  President Obama's Hawaiian Binge and it has listed a few goodies pertaining to Barack Obama's latest vacation binge along with Obama's Twitter handle to which one can render their disapproval to Barack's addiction to spending not to mention his never-ending campaign of self-indulgence at taxpayer's expense.

President Barack Obama plays golf at the Kaneohe Klipper Marine Golf Course 
in Oahu, Hawaii, Dec. 26, 2010.   (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

"...The website includes information on the cost of president‘s trip as well as an interactive tool that allows users to send messages to the president’s @BarackObama Twitter handle.
'A leader is supposed to suffer with the people he serves, but Obama doesn’t seem to understand that principle. He could go to Camp David or his million-dollar home in Chicago, and show solidarity with the rest of us who made sacrifices,' writes Tyler Ament, the website’s creator, to The Blaze in an email.
Indeed. Maybe what‘s most annoying to Americans is the fact that the president takes these expensive vacations after he tells them they’ve 'gotten lazy' and that they need to make a 'shared sacrifice.'...
...Now, there’s nothing wrong with a little vacation. Some people deserve the time off. But perhaps it’s a little difficult for those who are unemployed, struggling to find work and/or have lost their homes to justify the price tag on the president’s 'me time..."

Cartoon by Tony Branco

Obama's 17-day binge will cost taxpayers $ 4,113,038.  So how could $ 4,113,038 have been better spent?  Below are some facts as provided by WASTED IN HAWAII:

$4M could hire 111 new Hawaiian teachers for a year.
Obama's trip would pay the average Hawaiian's yearly income for 105 years.
$4M could buy 23,500 kegs of Kona Lonboard Lager
Obama is spending $40 every 15 seconds on his Hawaii trip. Now that is binging.
Finally, since Obama never wastes an opportunity to disparage "millionaires and billionaires," then he should set an example by NOT vacationing like those of whom he holds disdain with our tax dollars.  Anything less exposes Obama as a hypocrite.
Feel free to check out WASTED IN HAWAII's interactive tool affording users the opportunity to share their displeasure with the one @BarackObama Twitter handle.

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Christmas Day 1776 - "Victory or Death"

Bachmann Barnstorms Iowa

"With less than three weeks before the Iowa caucuses, Representative Michele Bachmann embarked on a 10-day trip through the 99 counties of the state. Sometimes less than an hour separated her stops, in dining rooms, grocery stores, churches, bowling alleys and other venues..."

Since the lame stream media refuses to do its job, thought that I would share videos with from Iowans who support Michele Bachmann.


Michele Bachmann speaks with small children on Christmas Eve.

ELECTION 2012: Rick Santorum (R-PA) Cronk's Café, Denison, Iowa Townhall Event - 12/17/2011 (CSPAN)

ELECTION 2012: Rick Sanorum (R-PA) Cronk's Caf..., posted with vodpod

If unable to view video, go to this link at CSPAN, here.


"NASHVILLE, Tenn.-  Occupy Nashville protesters have been together since October 6 on Legislative Plaza. But on a day that many intended to be full of festivities, quite the opposite took center stage for a time.
'Well, today we're celebrating mainly Christmas, but all holidays, of course,' said protester Lauren Mindos.
The group's plan to celebrate the holidays together seemed fitting, especially since they have spent so much time together over the past few months and friends have become like family.
'It was a beautiful day. There was music,' explained Mindos. 'There was dancing..."

:...It was a beautiful day. There was music,' explained Mindos. 'There was dancing..."   Excuses, excuses everybody.  Spoken like a true ghetto rat Progressive.  

True to what we have come to expect of  ghetto rats children Progressives, these people should have been in church or at home with their families. What a joke.  They can't even get it right on Christmas.  
Talk about useful idiots.  

Christian American passionately calls out Christians who support Democratic Party and their war on Christianity

Every now and then and particularly of late, I have asked myself, how can certain self-proclaimed Christians live under a banner (Progressive) when under said banner, they walk beside atheists, jihadists, anti-Semites and other parasites, all of which are immoral?
While I will try to leave the judging to the Heavenly Father, I cannot help but wonder how one would seek to justify such decisions when the moment of reckoning is here.
I simply cannot comprehend their rationale.
No doubt, the words of the patriot/Christian in the video will inflame many but he is merely expressing his thoughts, as entitled.

Do Black Americans Believe Ron Paul Is Racist? (a little raw language)

Actually, the amount of raw language is far less than indicated above. Just a note for those extremely sensitive the use of such words.

Just saying.................

Upper 1%-er, Nancy Pelosi Spends Christmas in $10K/Night Suite


"Pelosi spent the last two Christmas holidays in Kona at the same hotel in an elaborate suite that rents for $10,000 a night.

The Four Seasons Resort Hualalai’s details its luxurious setting and amenities on its web site: 'Gloriously revitalised, this natural tropical paradise offers more than ever to explore – with a newly expanded Spa, beachfront dining, fashion boutiques and new Deluxe Suites, in addition to Jack Nicklaus signature golf. Set on the Big Island’s exclusive Kona-Kohala Coast, this showpiece resort captures the essence of Hawaiian design, culture and tradition.'

Pelosi has her share of allies in Hawaii, including Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie, who she defended during his successful campaign for governor in 2010. When Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Mufi Hannemann claimed during the primary that Abercrombie was not effective in Congress, Pelosi issued a statement calling Abercrombie 'outstanding, effective and courageous.'

Pelosi has been escorted by local police during her last two holiday visits to Hawaii Island at a cost of $34,000 to local taxpayers..."     


Pelosi, so representative of the little people, don't you think?

Can you imagine 99% of Americans staying at this resort?  Neither can I BUT Princess Nancy has now stayed at this resort three years in a row.  That along with the revelation that as Speaker of the House, Pelosi's wealth grew in excess of 62 percent indicates that Pelosi actually has not a darn thing in common with hard-working Americans.

OWS useful idiots, where are you?  No outrage?  why so quiet?

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Milestone in Care Packages for Troops

Milestone in Care Packages for Troops , posted with vodpod

California to stop towing unlicensed drivers

“ESCONDIDO, Calif. (AP) - Delfino Aldama was fixing a customer's brakes this month when his smartphone chimed with a text message that tipped him to a police checkpoint more than an hour before officers began stopping motorists. The self-employed auto mechanic frantically called friends with the location and drove an alternate route home.
The Mexico native had reason to be alarmed: He does not have a driver's license because he is in the United States illegally, and it would cost about $1,400 to get his Nissan Frontier pickup back from the towing company. He has breathed a little easier since he began getting blast text messages two years ago from activists who scour streets to find checkpoints as they are being set up.
The cat-and-mouse game ends Jan. 1 when a new law takes effect in California to prohibit police from impounding cars at sobriety checkpoints if a motorist's only offense is being an unlicensed driver. Thousands of cars are towed each year in the state under those circumstances, hitting pocketbooks of illegal immigrants especially hard.
When Aldama's 1992 Honda Civic was towed from a checkpoint years ago, he quit his job frying chickens at a fast-food restaurant because he had no way to make the 40-mile round trip to work. He abandoned the car rather than pay about $1,200 in fees.
‘A car is a necessity, it's not a luxury,’ said the 35-year-old Aldama, who lives in Escondido with his wife, who is a legal resident, and their 5-year-old son, a U.S. citizen.
Assemblyman Gil Cedillo, a Los Angeles Democrat who tried unsuccessfully to restore driver licenses to illegal immigrants after California revoked the privilege in 1993, said he introduced the bill to ban towing after learning the notoriously corrupt city of Bell raked in big fees from unlicensed drivers at checkpoints…”

First off, it is illegal to drive without a driver’s license and anyone caught committing this offense should be relieved of his or her vehicles.
Next, to say that a vehicle is a necessity would depend on where one resides.  While I gather that there are some locations in the USA where a vehicle is a necessity, I am not convinced that it would apply to ESCONDIDO, California.  After all, there is such a thing as public transportation.
Picture this scenario:
Driver A, an American citizen and unlicensed driver is pulled over at a checkpoint.
Driver B, an illegal immigrant and unlicensed driver is pulled over at a checkpoint.
Accordingly, Driver A’s vehicle would be confiscated but no Driver B.  Driver B would get a pass because he is an illegal immigrant.
Hence, this new legislation is not justified and is bound to return to haunt Californians.
This legislation is wrong on so many levels.  If officials have abused a law, then it is up to the people to hold said legislators accountable not create a law that on its own merit violates is biased, discriminatory, disproportionate and illegal.
So why are illegals above the law?  One word, POLITICS.
Progressives are so busy currying favor for votes that they have forsaken the safety and lives of pedestrians.

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