Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Man finds Kids Freezing and Huddled Together in Bushes While Mother Enjoys Warm Meal Inside McDonald’s

“…It was last night when David was walking to a local McDonalds when he caught sight of two small kids in the bushes next to a nearby motel. Thinking little of it, he went and ate, but when he got back, nearly a half-hour later, he peered through the fence and realized the children were still there and in trouble.
‘Huddled up real close together, teeth chattering just totally freezing,’ said David.
The kids were huddling together and clinging to each other for warmth. The temperature outside was in the low 40′s….”
Pretty darned disgusting thing for a mother to do.  Reports like this really hits a nerve with me.  Children are innocent AND they deserve a chance in life.    H/t Drudge Report.

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