Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mitt Romney New Hampshire Primary Victory Speech 01102012

Mitt Romney New Hampshire Primary Victory Speec..., posted with vodpod

Okay, am I missing something here?  Albeit Romney's speech was full of passion, yet for some reason I am just not feeling the man but that is my opinion.
So I ask again, am I missing something?
Romney speaks a good game but so does Obama and look where that has gotten us. 
Moreover, as far as Romney repealing Obamacare, it will never happen!  Remember folks Romney care equals Obamacare. 
Is Mitt Romney offering Americans an “alternative vision?” 
In spite of what the man says and how the lame stream media paint him, I remain unconvinced.  Of course, my disdain for Progressives might be tainting my vision but I doubt it.
Romney says “WE BELIEVE” but I DO NOT believe in Mitt Romney.
How say you? 

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