Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tim Tebow makes lukewarm Christians feel bad via UsneakydevilU

Clearly there are far too many people who have a problem with the fact that Tim Tebow is an exemplary athlete and a Christian.  Many of those participating in the vitriolic assaults against Tebow are Christians   so-called    self-proclaimed  Christians whose souls are  somewhat troubled.
"...Seeing Christian athletes chastise Tebow for showing his faith concerns me. Hearing Christians fall in line with the anti Christian voice trying to crucify Tebow profoundly concerns me. I’m perplexed to why a Christian, would have a problem with a Christian proudly voicing and showing his Christianity. But I have to remind myself, the lukewarm Christian has always been a nemesis to strong Christians..."
How is that the same people who show contempt for Tim Tebow expressing his love of God and thanks have no problems with those plotting to shove Shariah law down the throats of Americans?

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