Saturday, February 25, 2012

Detroit Free Press Endorses Mitt Romney. Why?

As you have noticed, I have posted very little if anything at all about Mitt Romney.  My reason for the lack of reporting on Romney is that since I am anti-Romney and since he is a Republican, I would put my energy to use elsewhere while at the same time not providing fodder to the left fodder for use against a Republican.  However, this is where I draw the line.
The Detroit Free Press aka has endorsed Mitt Romney.


While the endorsement may have something to do with Romney being from Michigan, is a Progressive media outlet whose endorsement of Mitt Romney, I believe, should concern us all.

Let us also remember that is a Progressive media outlet, which also makes them a lap dog for Barack Obama.
Furthermore, I wanted to give those who still do not realize that Romney represents the Progressive establishment on the right some food for thought.

While I do not believe that, in all honesty, has turned its back on their messiah, but I strongly believe that they are willing participants in this game of manipulation.  At the same time, one cannot help but suspect that someone is being set up here.

Moving on, in spite of said endorsement, one definitely gets the feeling that the people of Michigan are not quite feeling their prodigal son.

For Romney’s benefit, maybe CSPAN should have kept their cameras in close up mode of Romney rather than panning about.  The lame stream media is going to have a field day with this one.

Lastly, maybe the flu that I have been nursing for the past eight (8) days is finally taking its toll on me.  In any event, I welcome other views.

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