Sunday, March 11, 2012

ELECTION 2012 / VETTING OBAMA: Hannity debates former Derrick Bell student on radical teachings 03092012

ELECTION 2012 / VETTING OBAMA: Hannity debates..., posted with vodpod

Let us set the record straight. It is NOT ALL ABOUT THE HUG! It is about the media failing to vet Barack Obama. It is about the need by Progressives to keep Obama’s radical extremist connections in the dark and swept under rug.

While I tend to respect opposing views, those with oppose views do not respect me.  In addition, while I respect opposing views, such radical views, as proven, have no place in the White House, Congress and/or the Senate.  They are a cancer that eats away at the nation as a whole.   Thus, Barack Obama should not be in the White House.

And on one final note, if it was just an innocent hug, then why was it swept under the rug?

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