Thursday, March 15, 2012

Glenn Beck Rallies Troops For Revolution Against TV - WSJ

Glenn Beck Rallies Troops For Revolution Agains..., posted with vodpod

“fellow doomsday people”??????


Spoken like a true Progressive. These haters, Progressives, lame stream media just do not get it.  

We have waited far too long for an alternative media source and the Progressive lame stream media lapdogs to the usurper in the White House.   

Progressives despise and envy Beck’s success and are doing everything they can to destroy it but fate being what it is will deny them.

How many times do those of us tuning to Beck live suddenly loose our connection?  

It does not escape Beck or his viewers that these sudden interruptions are no accident.  It is intentional.  

Hence, Progressives from the White House down and on both sides of the aisle are showing their true colors and have exposed themselves as being the intolerant, nasty, Marxist slime balls that they are and that too is by no accident.  

Keep it going Beck, keep it going, yeah!  As the urgency for an alternative media source increases, so shall the viewership of GBTV.  See article at WSJ.

While I am a Beck fan, I do not agree with all things Glenn Beck but credit must be given where credit is due and I must say that Progressives could only wish.  

For those who have yet to get a feel of Beck Live, GBTV, trust me, there is a reason that Progressives are threatened by the success of GBTV.  Check it out below.  


The closest Americans were to viewing anything similar to GBTV on cable television was “Freedom Watch” and “Follow the Money” which in no way compared to GBTV but these programs were apparently close enough to end up canceled.   

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