Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday morning flicker .... literally

Every now and then, I share a part of me with you all those goes beyond my political views.  Here it is:

While on Google earth this a.m. searching out the exact location of an appointment I have scheduled later today, my laptop went wacko. Thus, I assumed it was a malware attack so I immediately began to rectify what I thought to be the problem.
A few moments later, my niece who was preparing for school entered my room and questioned me as to why the lights were flickering.
I turned on my bedroom light and yep, it was flickering like crazy.
After checking the lights in every room in my apartment, I then attempted to make an outgoing telephone call from wireless phone connected to the modem.
While two of the calls went through, I was immediately disconnected. This led to me peer into the corridors outside my apartment only to find that those lights were flickering as well.
Great the super is off today, the property owner’s new telephone number is in the wireless phone and the laptop is mid-stream maintenance tasks.
At that moment, hear sirens blaring from fire engines. The fire engines are coming closer until they finally stop.
Outside of my apartment window, directly adjacent to my building on the other side of the street stops four huge fire trucks. In front of the fire trucks, I notice a sewer with smoke coming out. Behind the fire trucks, I notice another sewer spewing smoke.
It is 8:15 a.m. on a Monday morning, the heart of rush hour in NYC and traffic has all but come to a stop on this huge six lane street as FDNY closes off 2 ½ lanes. 
Oh, Monday morning drama.
A few moments later FDNY gains access to a home in front of one of the sewers and upon opening the garage out pours tons of smoke.
So the plot thickens.  The problem does not exist within my apartment or my apartment building. Have not figured out exactly what is going on.  I suspect that an underground transformer may have blown but whatever has occurred, thank goodness everything in my home is connected to surge protectors.
Thank goodness also for cell phones.
Now I had better conserve my laptop battery just in case.

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