Friday, March 16, 2012

#OCCUPY: New Haven Police investigate rape at Occupy New Haven Commune

Police investigating claims that a woman was raped either late Monday or early Tuesday at the Occupy New Haven Commune arrested predator and registered sex offender, England Gamble, 53, of New Haven charging him with first-degree sexual assault and unlawful restraint.

Of course, Occupy New Haven like the rest of their comrades across the country where rapes have occurred are distancing themselves from both the victim and the attacker in a “nothing to see here folks, move along now” kind of way claim that neither individual are connected to Occupy New Haven.  No surprise there, of course.

It is only fair to note that as usual, no one is saying much about the rape.  It is probably that Occupy No Snitch rule they have going on.  Moreover, any references that was once on the Occupy New Haven Facebook page to the rape has been scrubbed.  No surprise there either.

Nevertheless, as reported by  CRIME VICTIMS MEDIA REPORT who covers this very well:

Rather than taking steps to ensure that no other sex offenders are hiding out in their camp,Occupy New Haven is busy denying that Gamble and his victim were part of their movement.  But New Haven police point out that Gamble would not have been able to insinuate himself in the area if not for the now-federally-protected protest encampment:


For more information, check out Breitbart article entitled, “BREITBART’S PROPHETIC OUTRAGE: ANOTHER OCCUPY RAPE” and “Police investigate rape at Occupy New Haven camp.”


As also noted by CRIME VICTIMS MEDIA REPORT, “…Also this week, the New Haven/Wesleyan Occupiers took time out of their studied avoidance of the rapists amidst them to throw condoms at Supreme Court Justice Anthony Scalia….”

Just what America needs, more proof of just how understanding Progressives are when it comes to the female sex.

What a crew!  Sweep it under the rug and make it go away.   

HARD FACTS:  The weather is getting warmer which means that the skirts will get shorter (no offense, just saying).  As the Occupy thugs step up their game and the company they keep comes out to play, we can expect these attacks to increase.

Since Progressives refuse to speak out and decry the heinous and unforgivable acts that are being committed against those Progressives claim to support, the rest of us will.  Therefore, in the words of the late great Andrew Breitbart:


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