Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Queenslanders and Australians Make History by Voting Socialists Out Of Office


“In the 89 Seat House of Assembly the Labor Party (the socialists) had been in government for twenty (20) years with 52 seats in the House. The conservative opposition, the LNP (Liberal National Party) led by a retired Australian Army major achieved a massive swing of 17% resulting in attaining 78 Seats in the new Parliament as opposed to their 31 Seats in the previous Parliament. The socialists were reduced to a mere 7 Seats thus losing their status as an official Parliamentary party and losing public funding.

Political pundits, socialists and of course the MSM are stunned. Some of the descriptions being bandied about include: massacre, carnage, blood-bath, annihilation, decimation etc…

History has been made in Australia and of course in the ‘Smart’ State (coined by Peter Beattie) and Queenslanders have shown that they are indeed smart but not in the manner as expected by the socialists who are accustomed to assuming that their lies, their spin and their propaganda were impenetrable. Some of the Seats lost by the socialists had been held by them for 100 years….”


Congratulations and blessings to all Queenslanders and Australians for a job well done!

Is it me or is the American media overwhelmingly mute on this history-making event?

No doubt, the White House (again) has ordered its propaganda puppets NOT to report the news in spite of the ramifications for the people of Australia.

Progressives simply cannot rise above making it about them.   

Nevertheless, there is a teachable moment here to which all Americans should take heed.

Even as the ruling classes running the United States attempt to nudge Americans down the road to serfdom, inevitable proof continues to rise like a phoenix from the ashes it’s message abundantly clear, i.e., Socialism does not work.

Buckle up our seatbelts and let us get to the job at hand, i.e., unseating Progressives and RINOs.

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