Friday, March 16, 2012


Tom Hanks is the producer of the HBO Progressive propaganda movie, “Game Change” which I have not viewed nor do I care to.

Viet Nam veteran and retired USAF Col. O. P. Ditch who runs Veterans Support Sarah Palin was among many veterans/patriots who distributed pamphlets in front of a D.C. theater earlier this week.

The pamphlets told the truth about patriot, Sarah Palin which from what I have heard about the movie does not.  Col. Ditch among others sought only to set the record straight, which is clearly a problem for former patriot, out of the closet Progressive, Hanks who has made millions producing movies regarding the U. S. Military and our Veterans.  Not to mention, the roles that he has played.

As reported by BIG HOLLYWOOD:

“…Dressed in a ‘Vets for Sarah’ shirt and wearing what he calls his ‘uniform,’ a US Air Force Retired baseball cap, Col. Ditch handed out his ‘Showbill’ to those coming in the front door and told me, ‘People were accepting the material quite readily, and early on I was telling people ‘this is the truth about Sarah Palin.’‘ Then the volunteers decided to get mischievous and say nothing in order to silently imply the material was a part of the event. ‘Many people accepted it,’ he said while laughing at the memory. ‘Hundreds of them, and those that took them assumed it was part of the program.’

The Colonel wasn’t expecting any VIPs to arrive through the front door, especially Tom Hanks. In fact, other than Joe Scarborough, Col. Ditch didn’t see any other familiar faces. Then…

‘But lo and behold, all of a sudden someone said, ‘Oh, who is that?’ And I look over and a Towne Car and a black SUV pull up, and out of the Towne Car comes Tom Hanks. He had his entourage with him; some security people, I assume. He was in the middle of the pack, so I worked my way down there. I said to myself, ‘I’m not going to be bashful.’ I had my ‘Vets for Sarah’ t-shirt and my military cap on. So I walked up and said, ‘Hey, Tom, how would you like to have some information about your show here?’ And of course his security guys were putting their arms and hands out to keep me away. So I reached towards [Hanks] with one of my ‘Showbills’ and might have touched his hand. I was certainly close enough to touch him and when I looked up he turned away from me, as the security guards were saying, ‘No, no, no.’ They were polite about it, not rough. But [Hanks] knew I was there…”


I knew there was a reason that I stopped watching anything even remotely connected to Tom Hanks long ago.

As for the Progressive, Tom Hanks, this sob should be indebted to our military and veterans.

A huge explanation and apology should be forthcoming post-haste from this man especially since his success, financial gains are at the service of those who served and lives were lost for our country.

It is because of those men and women that Tom Hanks is among the upper 1%.

Now THEREIN lays the true GAME CHANGE!

It is also fair to note that Hanks is also the narrator Obama’s propaganda mockumentary piece.  No surprise there.  After all, we all know how much Obama hearts Hollywood and Hollywood hearts Obama.  

No shortage of Obama lapdogs there.  It leads one to wonder if everyone in Hollywood are receiving bailouts.

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