Friday, March 9, 2012

ELECTION 2012/VETTING OBAMA: Obama's Mentor, Derrick Bell – “I write my views in fiction because they're too 'threatening…”

VETTING OBAMA: Obama's Mentor, Derrick Bell – ..., posted with vodpod

The book referred to in the above video is Bell’s “Faces at the Bottom of the Well:  the permanence of racism”.  You can view the full text here.

In addition, below is an excerpt from the HBO film,“The Space Traders”  based on a short story by Derrick Bell.  Prepare not to be amused but in fact repulsed and offended.

How ironic it is that the paranoid racist and anti-Semite, Derrick Bell, and creator of such trash would place the plight of Black America via his insanity and paranoid ideology at the feet of Republicans.  

Watching this crap does bring to mind the Progressive agenda, their gift to America, i.e., $16 plus trillion dollar debt at the hands of another paranoid extremist whose sole agenda is to sell all, black, white, whomever down the road to serfdom and the impending threat that would come with another four years of Barack Obama. 

And that Progressives, not even Derrick Bell if he were alive today could blame on the right.

Moreover, we should all be mortified that Barack Obama would align himself with the likes of a paranoid and troubled spirit such as Derrick Bell.

If you can stomach it, see the rest at Breitbart

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