Monday, March 26, 2012

White Mississippi State University student murdered - GRUMPY OPINIONS


Male Student Shot to Death at Mississippi State University, Suspects Fled


A male student was fatally shot at a Mississippi State University residence hall Saturday night by three suspects who fled the scene and are still at large, school officials said today…”


Let us pray for the families of those who have lost someone due to this madness along with its latest victims. The violence must stop. The chaos must end NOW and those revving up the useful idiots out there who act without thinking must be called 0ut and held accountable.


I am in no way inferring that the death of this young student has anything to do with the killing of Trayvon Martin but cooler heads MUST prevail and if connected in any way, then the murderers and those who are advocating such revenge and igniting the flames of violence from Obama down has blood on their hands and must be taken to task for their role in the insanity.


Nothing less will do.

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