Thursday, April 26, 2012

Bret Baier Demolishes Debbie Wasserman Schultz “Blame Romney/Ryan” Oratory Ref Senate’s Refusal to Pass a Budget in 1,091 (Plus) Days

There are clearly those who will allow Debbie Wack-o-man Schultz to get away with the bogus rhetoric that lays blame at the feet of Republicans for Progressive majority Senate’s refusal to do produce and pass a budget for more than 1,091 days (at this posting)[i] but Bret Baier, God bless the man, was having none of it.

The latest Progressive talking points are to lay Obamafail at the feet of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.  How are Romney and Ryan to blame?  Moreover, how are Republicans to blame?  A Republican led House of Congress has passed a budget on more than one occasion while a progressively led Senate refuses.  Therefore, common sense prevails and dictates that the Progressively led Senate is very much to blame.  It is at their feet and on Obama’s watch that they are failing the American people and so they must wear it.

[i]              Once Obama entered the White House, the same Progressives who to this day refuse to entertain the thought of a budget intentionally threw any discussions of future budgets out of the window.

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