Friday, April 27, 2012

Death By Executive Order

H/t Liberty Pen.

Whenever I hear my fellow NYers kvetching about the murder of Trayvon Martin, I silence them by pointing out that their precious Obama signed NDAA into law while they were imbibing champagne New Years ‘Eve, and that maybe they should look there for accountability before crying racism and demanding that our right to bear arms be torn out of U. S. Constitution.

Living in an urban community, I waste not a second reminding them # 1 of the Black on Black crime, # 2 how this New Yorker would relish a stand your ground law and # 3 how this is only the beginning of people dying in the streets both on and off of U.S. soil thanks to Obama's drones.

Funny how once all of that is out, like trained dogs, they revert back to their precious Farmville, FB, Nintendo, XB, Iphone Apps, big screen televisions and fake reality shows aka their comfort zones which provide them a misplaced solace and delusion that this is as good as it gets and that they are truly free.  However, just before they do, my final words to them are that if they do not wake up and take a stand along with the rest of us, this is only the beginning.

The ugly reality that exists is just too difficult for them to waste a moment giving a damn about, i.e., until it hits home.

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