Saturday, April 28, 2012

ELECTION 2012/OBAMA’S ENEMIES LIST: Disgracing Yet Again the Office of President, Obama Posts Names of Romney Donors ONLINE

Need more proof that Barack Obama is a malignant narcissist, nasty piece of work and corrupt SOB, read the following:


“Try this thought experiment: You decide to donate money to Mitt Romney. You want change in the Oval Office, so you engage in your democratic right to send a check.

Several days later, President Barack Obama, the most powerful man on the planet, singles you out by name. His campaign brands you a Romney donor, shames you for ‘betting against America,’ and accuses you of having a ‘less-than-reputable’ record. The message from the man who controls the Justice Department (which can indict you), the SEC (which can fine you), and the IRS (which can audit you), is clear: You made a mistake donating that money. ….”


Obama’s aggressive assault against Romney donors is a declaration of war on private citizens who are so bold as to exercise their rights as entitled, intended to intimidate anyone into submission who dares to oppose his dictatorship and ideology.

Richard Nixon’s enemies list pales in comparison to Obama’s.  H/t

“…The real crime of the men, as the website tacitly acknowledges, is that they have given money to Mr. Romney. This fundraiser of a president has shown an acute appreciation for the power of money to win elections, and a cutthroat approach to intimidating those who might give to his opponents…”

Even the most die-hard Progressive should realize, at this point, that something is very wrong with this malignant narcissist whose actions are in essence un-American. 

Obama is no different from the psychopath who preys upon the innocent in the dead of night.

Such assaults by the White House in the “name of disclosure” are deplorable, beneath the Office of the President and a disgrace to all Americans.

It would never occur to the elitist and tyrant squatting in the White House that such arrogance and disdain for the opposition did not fare well for Richard Nixon.  Hence, any lessons are lost on the malignant narcissist and disappointment whose primary agenda is to bring the USA crashing to its knees.

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