Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Florida Charter School “Boom”: Warning Signs by Sandra Brevard

There is a charter boom going on with too many oddities:

1) 15 of 30 “F” schools in Florida are charters. “Then last year in Florida, charter schools received 15 out of 31 of all the failing FCAT grades that went to public schools. Charter elementary and middle schools were seven times more likely to get an F than traditional public schools.”

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2) VP Joe Biden’s brother is associated with charter Mavericks HS, which has accounting and performance issues – plus a desire to open 100. Third whistle blower on alleged fraud emerges. Frank Biden has real estate experience.
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3) Parents signed up for an arts-oriented charter, but were not told of its association with Scientology…”


Indeed, there is plenty to digest here America, i.e., more than enough to send one’s mind into a tailspin.  There is so much wheeling and dealing going on here and none of it is in the interest of the student but WHERE is the ACCOUNTABILITY?

What is going on in Florida must be thoroughly scrutinized and made to pass the smell test before such programs can be allowed to go nationwide.

Finally, no cronies and/or backroom deals.

It will not suffice to say that this is about the children when in reality, it is about business as usual.

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