Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Has CNN's Don Lemon Turned On Obama?

Obama inherited the “worst economy since the great depression”.  Anyone else have a problem with that remark?

Don Lemon is not having a moment of clarity here.  Lemon's calling Obama out can be any number of things.

  • Lemon more than likely forgot to have his daily glass of kool-aid;

  • a die-hard propagandist of the Obama deception, Lemon is attempting to save his job;

  • The lame stream media is feeling the pain brought about by their failure to vet Obama in 2008, media blackouts of Obama's never-ending acts of treason and crony capitalism.  If Lemon were truly serious, then why not mention NDAA, DHS, TSA, DOJ, CISPA, Fast & Furious, Obama's drones in the streets of America, the ban on free speech and Obama's assassination program as well?  [Kudos to Andrew Breitbart, Daily Caller, Sean Hannity, Conservative bloggers and others for doing that which the lame stream media refused.]

  • with the exposure of Media Matters/MSNBC taking its marching orders from the White House, others in the lame stream media are now covering their sixes in an effort to keep the spotlight away from them;

  • CNN feeling the pressure and the shame of having the lowest ratings brought about by years of pandering to the White House and espousing useless dribble to its views has finally read the memo, “It ain’t working.”

  • suffering from low ratings, CNN must now prove to the few viewers that remain that it is CNN who is in charge of the news not the White House; and/or  

  • Finally, what are the odds of this being another scheme concocted by the White House to remove the spotlight from the very fact that the White House itself controls the news?

It is about time that the lame stream media call Obama out for his many failings.  Truth be told though, it is much too little far too late.  

While attempting to appear as though they are no longer biased, the lame stream media will never truly vet Barack Obama.

P.S.:  While Lemon speaks the truth in the above video, CNN (Communist News Network) gives us all the impression that they report their news from a seepage pit and thus cannot be trusted.

H/t Conservativebyte.

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